Catspaw Dinghy


A new, sturdy, roomy vessel for oar and sail. LOA- 12′ 8″, width- 4′ 5″. This classic boat design fully conforms to the specifications set out by the originator Joel White of Brooklin, ME in the 1970s. The hull is carvel-planked (5/8″ planks). A weighted oak centerboard is mounted in a trunk. Finishing touches include varnished white oak, mahogany, teak, and locust plus brass rub rails. Transom and rudder made of solid mahogany. Spars made of clear Sitka spruce and handmade Culler oars are tipped with mahogany. Decking included to keep your feet dry. The standard sail rig is loose-foot using a sprit (no boom to whack you in the head!). Two rowing stations ensure proper trim whether rowing alone or with a paramour. This is a perfect boat for either the novice or experienced sailor of any age. I have received numerous compliments from visitors. Equipment includes boat, mast, sprit, rudder, tiller, centerboard, oars, and brass oarlocks. Note that sail and trailer not included.

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  1. Where is this boat located?
    Have you a sail plan and, with expected variation, how much would that cost to produce a sail in theory?

  2. Hi,
    The cats paw shown is well finished and prompts my reply. If it is available to see in person, I would like to see her. I am in the TSCA in Maine.
    Please email me if that is possible.
    Best regards,

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