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TSCA Organizational Structure

The TSCA organization is embodied in a National Council of nine members. The Council chooses a President and Vice-president from among its members, and a Secretary and a Treasurer from the general membership. Council members must be members of the national Association in good standing; they serve 3-year terms.

To try to keep the organization from becoming an inbred clique, the By-Laws provide that (a) three of the members of the Council are elected each year and (b) a Council member whose elected term expires is ineligible for re-election for at least one year. "Term Limits" -- and we had it first!

  Marty Loken, Nordland, WA
  Roger Allen, Buffalo, NY
  Pete Mathews, Gobles, MI
  Bill Meier, Mystic, CT
Chapter & Membership Coordinator
  John Weiss, Edmonds, WA
Corporate Sponsors
  Mike Wick, Moorestown, NJ

National Council Members
Roger Allen, Buffalo Maritime Center
Marty Loken, Puget Sound
Mike Wick, Delaware River
Bud McIntire, North Carolina
Bob Miller, Puget Sound
Ken Workinger, Michigan Maritime
Steve Brookman, Lebanon, NJ (Down East Chapter)
David Fitch, Beaufort, SC (At Large)
Carol Jones, Tuckahoe, NJ (Delaware River Chapter)

John Gardner Grant Committee
David Cockey, Chairman
Dick Wagner
Sidney Whelan
Philip Nager
Edward Neal
Dusty Dillion
Ken Bassett

TSCA Member Communications

Communications within TSCA are accomplished both on the National and Chapter level via The Ash Breeze journal, e-mail, and an automated e-mail "list server." If you want to join the list server forum, please see the Forum page.
The Ash Breeze
  Andy Wolfe
  131 West 21st St.
  Buena Vista, VA 24416
Advertising Manager
  Mike Wick
  Moorestown, NJ

TSCA Web Site
  Paul Gray, Doylestown, PA

The Association is staffed entirely by volunteers; we have no employees. Your help and support is necessary to keep the TSCA alive and functioning.

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