The Albion River messabout is always a favorite. Beautiful area, great company.

Lost Coast Chapter

Traditional Small Craft

32100 N. Harbor Dr.
Ft. Bragg, CA 95437
707-357-0888 or 530-559-4452

Last updated:
March 3, 2017

What's New at Lost Coast TSCA:

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WANTED!: We need a new newsletter editor!
Contact: Dusty or Joanna Long

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Event Schedule

Up-coming Lost Coast Events:

March 25: Schooner’s Landing Albion River
Row & BBQ Potluck Schooner’s Landing
Campground in Albion. Contact: Joanna Long

May 27: First Annual Memorial Day Weekend
TSCA Boat Show & Marine Flea Market,
Noyo Harbor
(Replaces old Kelly House event)
Contact: Dusty Dillion or Joanna Long

Start times=10am, unless otherwise stated.

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Contact Lost Coast

32100 N. Harbor Dr.
Ft. Bragg, CA 95437

Dusty Dillion: (707)964-2612
Joanna Long: (530)559-4452
LostCoast Webmaster: Jim Swallow

Lost Coast Chapter
Traditional Small Craft Association

The Tradtitional Small Craft Association, established in 1970, is a nonprofit organization which works to preserve and continue the living traditions, skills, lore, and legends of working and pleasure craft and encourages the design, construction, and use of boats, and embraces contemporary adaptations of traditional designs.

The Lost Coast Chapter of the TSCA is located in Ft. Bragg, Calfornia, on the north coast of the state. Situated about mid-way between San Francisco and Eureka, we are blessed with some of the most beautiful coastline on the West Coast. The chapter was formed in 2004 in Noyo, CA. Our 50+ active members currently range from Ft. Bragg, CA to Washington to as far away as Florida. They represent aficionados of rowing, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, boat building and restoration. In recent years, we have aquired a whale boat that accomodates eitht rowers and a coxwain. Our group has expanded significantly with a number of enthusiastic rowers.

Our intent is to bring together all interested people in Northern California to join in area boating events and chapter-sponsored messabouts, get involved in boat building, and/or get involved in traditional boat rowing or sailing. We generally have one chapter-sponsored event every month, and there is a full calendar of almost daily rows in the whale boat. These are rows or messabouts in one of the wonderful local waterways, and we sometimes go farther away for special events. A group of our whale boat rowers have established a goal of some day doing a rowing expedition from Ft. Bragg to San Francisco!

Be a part of this exciting organization. Increase your enjoyment of traditional boats and meet other community members who share your interest. Annual dues are $25 per family. All Lost Coast members receive our quarterly newsletter. We also encourage our chapter members to join the national TSCA.

We are dedicated to keeping alive the history of boats and their builders, to "row hard with no excuses", and to provide encouragement and support to those who would build boats or restore them. We strive to be a clearing house of sound advice and encouragement, as well as being guides to hard-to-find items. We try to organize opportunities for members and the public at large to engage in the wholesome activities of rowing and sailing. And, most of all, we are totally dedicated to . . . MESSING ABOUT IN BOATS!

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A nice winter's day for the Coast Guard to do "Surf Operations".

Chapter Officers

President: Dusty Dillion

Secretary: Joanna Long

Treasurer: Laura Schroeder

Other Council Members:
Dwight Harris & Jim Swallow

Alternates: Michael Stewart and Deb Freeman

Newsletter Editor: Andy Jahn & Virginia Macintosh

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